NEW decision from ND Illinois court–Civil Rights Claim Dismissed

Dear Readers;

Please see below.  We recently received an answer to our Motion to Dismiss our Civil Rights complaint where Ken and I complained about the behavior of Peter Schmeidel, Adam Stern (for interfering with my blogging), Cynthia Farenga for assisting, and Jerome Larkin for assisting and for PS and AS calling up and threatening Ken that if he did not drop his investigation of the Mary Sykes case, he would be sanctioned by the probate court!  As incredulous as this seems, I have heard numerous other reports of threats in the probate courts by the “in group” from those that don’t normally practice there but have a client with a juicy estate.  This is abominable behavior.

The decision is interesting, but odd.  We stated a claim for direct violation of our First Amendment rights, but the court says we did not state a claim for Retaliation under the First…

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