From Ken Ditkowsky, a discussion of Qui Tam or False Claims

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 18, 2014 2:34 PM
To: Curt Sahakian
Subject: Qui Tam complaint against the IARDC

I wonder if a Qui Tam lawsuit against the IARDC would be appropriate.
The fact that Larkin et al fail to file the Ethic’s reports is a starting point.   A second point is the fact that Larkin is using his position with the IARDC in clearly ultra vires manners, to wit:
1) Violations of First Amendment.  Larkin as an attorney is well aware of the Recent Supreme Court cases and the fact that he is swimming uphill.   Several cases were filed – mine, JoAnne’s Amu’s etc.  Where does Larkin get his authority.
2) Use of IARDC assets and money.   The assets of IARDC cannot be used to violate Civil Rights, to violate copyrights, or to provide defense to officials who violate civil rights.   The mandate of…

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