From KKD and Lawsters group–on Prosecuting health care fraud

Subject: Re: [Lawsters:29262] Re: Are you aware of this? If we could get an Honest investigation not only would we free the victims of elder cleansing, but corrupt public officials – such as Jerome Larkin would be in jail!
Date: Oct 5, 2017 9:21 PM
It looks like that this administration is serious about prosecuting Medicare and other health care frauds.   I say “looks like”  because I do not see the Chicago crowd being indicted, nor do I see Jerome Larkin (administrator of the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary commission) being indicted for his assault on the First Amendment and on his duty to the public.
It is amazing to me.   The political class is always complaining that there is noT enough money to run the government yet, the booty that has been garnered by the Elder Cleansing (Gulag) scandals remains untaxed.    In the case of Larkin as an example, his…

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From KKD and the ABA–who is allowing the gship mill on the 18th floor to continue its string of felonies?

The American Bar Association, like LAW ENFORCEMENT is fully aware of the corruption in the Courts and the elder cleansing scandal.     Unfortunately, action is not a word that the 2nd oldest profession is familiar with and a major problem.    The ABA published the following article, to wit:

Some Guardianships Last Longer Than Necessary But They Are Rarely Overturned

Volume: 38 Issue: 5

by Erica Wood


(The pdf for the issue in which this article appears is available for download:  Bifocal, Vol. 38, Issue 5.)

An 86-year-old woman had a stroke and her niece was appointed conservator to manage her financial affairs. The aunt moved to assisted living, where her condition improved significantly. She then wanted to go home and to manage her own…

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From AD: False arrest and False imprisonment of Mentally Disabled Adult in Corrupt Humboldt County Cal.

I recently received a call from a young man who is high functioning Autistic/Aspergers.  He advised me he has been under a guardianship since 1998.

The court documents he sent me can be viewed here:

These documents indicate he was in fact guardianized in New York in 1998.  I have not been able to get updated court documents, but I am working on that.  Many states seal guardianships records claiming that it protects the disabled adult but we all know for a fact it protects felons in suits with licenses looting estates.

Mr. Dannewitz advises me that social security indicates thousands of dollars in payments under his account; however, he has not received a dime and the guardians are the payees.  Not surprising.

He also advises me that whenever he attempts to unwind the Guardianship or take any action to protect his rights, he becomes a target of harassment.

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From KKD and The New Yorker–Gship in Nevada is nothing but a string of felonies and abuses of human and civil rights–in detail

or years, Rudy North woke up at 9 a.m. and read the Las Vegas Review-Journal while eating a piece of toast. Then he read a novel—he liked James Patterson and Clive Cussler—or, if he was feeling more ambitious, Freud. On scraps of paper and legal notepads, he jotted down thoughts sparked by his reading. “Deep below the rational part of our brain is an underground ocean where strange things swim,” he wrote on one notepad. On another, “Life: the longer it cooks, the better it tastes.”

Rennie, his wife of fifty-seven years, was slower to rise. She was recovering from lymphoma and suffered from neuropathy so severe that her legs felt like sausages. Each morning, she spent nearly an hour in the bathroom applying makeup and lotions, the same brands she’d used for forty years. She always emerged wearing pale-pink lipstick. Rudy, who was prone to grandiosity…

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