From AD: False arrest and False imprisonment of Mentally Disabled Adult in Corrupt Humboldt County Cal.

I recently received a call from a young man who is high functioning Autistic/Aspergers.  He advised me he has been under a guardianship since 1998.

The court documents he sent me can be viewed here:

These documents indicate he was in fact guardianized in New York in 1998.  I have not been able to get updated court documents, but I am working on that.  Many states seal guardianships records claiming that it protects the disabled adult but we all know for a fact it protects felons in suits with licenses looting estates.

Mr. Dannewitz advises me that social security indicates thousands of dollars in payments under his account; however, he has not received a dime and the guardians are the payees.  Not surprising.

He also advises me that whenever he attempts to unwind the Guardianship or take any action to protect his rights, he becomes a target of harassment.

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