From KKD and Lawsters group–on Prosecuting health care fraud

Subject: Re: [Lawsters:29262] Re: Are you aware of this? If we could get an Honest investigation not only would we free the victims of elder cleansing, but corrupt public officials – such as Jerome Larkin would be in jail!
Date: Oct 5, 2017 9:21 PM
It looks like that this administration is serious about prosecuting Medicare and other health care frauds.   I say “looks like”  because I do not see the Chicago crowd being indicted, nor do I see Jerome Larkin (administrator of the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary commission) being indicted for his assault on the First Amendment and on his duty to the public.
It is amazing to me.   The political class is always complaining that there is noT enough money to run the government yet, the booty that has been garnered by the Elder Cleansing (Gulag) scandals remains untaxed.    In the case of Larkin as an example, his…

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