From EB: Harvesting children for profit in the US: State child kidnap

Under 5 years, blond, blue-eyed – $6,000.00. a top of the line product

We are going to take you behind the lies into the ugly truth that is destroying families for profit every day, in every community across America.  You won’t want to believe it but when you see their faces, hear their voices, you will understand why this is happening and what it means to your own life, even if you don’t have children.

The same system that views children as commodities to be sold also has plans for you.  There is a solution and we will get to that.

The CPS steals children using the system paid for by citizens who believe it is being used to protect those in need.  That is a fraud; the system actually pumps money into the personal accounts of all those involved in the system, converting children into cash while destroying…

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From KD: After 14 harrowing abusive deaths of the elderly: Why isn’t this nursing home closed yet?

Feds to cut Medicare for Hollywood Hills nursing home after residents died

OCTOBER 12, 2017 1:53 PM

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From KKD: New drugging scandal coming to nursing homes: Nuedextra, a chemical restraint masquerading as a “real” drug for a “real” condition when it’s not.

Nursing Homes abusively drugging elderly patients with mind-altering drug

Friday, October 13, 2017 by: Isabelle Z.

(Natural News) We’ve heard a lot in recent years about nursing homes overmedicating their patients with psych drugs to sedate them in order to make them easier to manage, a heartless practice that puts their lives in jeopardy. This still occurs to a disturbing degree, but tighter regulations by the government on dangerous antipsychotic drugs have forced doctors and nursing homes to be a bit more creative about how they go about medically controlling patients they consider unruly.

Enter pharmaceutical company Avanir and its little red pill called Nuedexta, which is a combination of a generic…

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From KD and CBS news–Threats and Dishonest Services caught on video by Ald. Moreno

2 Investigators: Alderman Threatens To Ruin Landlord’s Business

When Chicago graft and corruption is caught on video……

This is the dark side of Chicago everyone knows about. You tick off your alderman, you’re good as dead.

Obviously this guy Moreno is a psychopath and needs to be tested with a PET brain scan and removed–if the FBI doesn’t just give him a set of matching silver bracelets for threats, malfeasance, misfeasance and Dishonest Services.

(CBS) – A building owner says a Chicago alderman threatened him over the closing of the Double Door music club – comments that were caught on cell phone video.

What the alderman said is raising questions about his power and whether he went too far.

2 Investigator Dave Savini reports.

The video shows Ald. Proco Joe Moreno (1st) talking with building owner Brian Strauss.

“I’m going to tell you right now, I don’t trust you,” Moreno…

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From RR: How does an appeal work?

  1. READ THE RULES.  Download the set of rules for appeals in your jurisdiction and court system.  Read all the rules.  I’d tell you to get an attorney but that would be a joke and an insult.  In Chicago, most attorneys charge $10k to $15k or more for a simple appeal and then many do just a lick and a promise at the last minute.  One attorney I know tells the client they are not allowed to review or change anything before submission.  He is sooooo full of it.  Bar complaint for him.  Of course he did a crappy job on this appellate brief.  Knew it.  In any case, 95% of the US public cannot afford $10k for an appeal.  So you’re stuck with me and this website and a DIY brief.  It’s completely interesting that 95% of Americans cannot afford to access their own Court Appellate system, but it seems…

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From EB: New Mexico Probate Judge forced to resign and may face criminal charges after commandeering an estate to her benefit

According to documents from the Judicial Standards Commission, Sierra County Probate Judge Pam Smith will never be a judge in New Mexico again.

Documents show she’s accused of using her position to allow her and her husband to take possession of a dead man’s estate. The documents claim the Smiths then closed the man’s bank accounts and transferred around $280,000 into their own accounts.

New Mexico State Police are investigating the accusations.

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From KKD–abusive guardianship case in Cal. spurs Int’l Human Rights Commission to investigate…

Since for sure in the US  all the authorities ignore human and civil rights violations in abusive guardianships.

see below:

Periférico Sur Poniente #5, Fracc, El Carmen, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. C.P 29260
Tels: (+52) 961 1157443
For Immediate Release
October 10, 2017
A human rights organization has filed a request for precautionary measures with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, asking for protective measures for an elderly man in California, who is under a court authorized guardianship.
This request, the first ever of its kind, was filed this week by Ku’untik Human Rights Center, which is located in Chiapas, Mexico. The principals of the organization are Diego Cadenas Gordillo, an experienced human rights lawyer and his wife, human rights professor Karen Marie Ferroggiaro, who was born in California.
The request states that the elderly man, Leon Bridges, is in grave danger as he has been…

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From JM YG: How to find a “disappeared” person or activist–try Salvation Army Missing persons

Apparently Salvation Army will track down missing persons, even if they are in hospitals or psych wards.  Good news.  Keep this info handy and know that Andy Ostrowski video graphed his false psych hold capture and his FB friends recorded it and sent it out soon after AO’s computer was shut down and confiscated by the police–the likely true reason for the psych hold, to scam the disk.

The computer is back, but I’m sure it was breached.  AO also complains a lot of stuff is missing from his apartment.

Probably the safest course of action is for everyone to team up with Life 360, an app which tracks your every movement of your cell phone, providing it is on and charged and Life 360 is running.  Check it out and buddy up with another activist or court corruption victim so if you go missing suddenly, you can be tracked…

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From KKD–a Follow up on how to disappear an attorney activist, Andy Ostrowski

Most likely in the weeks to come, lawyer activist Andy Ostrowski who was detained for about 10 days on a false 302 Penn. Psych Hold will provide us with more and more information on how the wealthy and clouted (and corrupt) were able to do this.

To:, andy <>
Subject: ANDY REPLIES – Where is the hue and cry?
Date: Oct 10, 2017 9:18 AM
When the law and law enforcement are misused in a single situation IT IS TIME FOR ALL GOOD PEOPLE to stand up be counted.   We cannot tolerate America’s core values being perverted or compromised.
What Andy described (and what we watched) was an AMERICAN GULAG that was just as respectable as any that was ever perpetrated in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, etc.    This type of thing cannot and should not happen in America – YET IT…

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A request for volunteers==false imprisonment of a gship victim

I have a client who is a Targeted Individual who has been false imprisoned.

I would appreciate volunteers that can talk to him daily and hold his hand while he is falsely imprisoned.

You will need to sign up with the nation’s inmate phone system ( and put $25 down minimum to spend some $4 on the transaction fee plus 25 cents per minute.

He needs someone to hold his hand, tell him you care and tell him it will be alright.

Contact me and give me your phone number and I will pass it on.  Set up an account, fund it with $25 min  (sorry, I have nothing to do with it, this is the cost of helping those incarcerated) and  I will pass along your phone number.  He will then call you and you can offer your support.

Many people are falsely imprisoned. This person is under a…

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