From KKD–a Follow up on how to disappear an attorney activist, Andy Ostrowski

Most likely in the weeks to come, lawyer activist Andy Ostrowski who was detained for about 10 days on a false 302 Penn. Psych Hold will provide us with more and more information on how the wealthy and clouted (and corrupt) were able to do this.

To:, andy <>
Subject: ANDY REPLIES – Where is the hue and cry?
Date: Oct 10, 2017 9:18 AM
When the law and law enforcement are misused in a single situation IT IS TIME FOR ALL GOOD PEOPLE to stand up be counted.   We cannot tolerate America’s core values being perverted or compromised.
What Andy described (and what we watched) was an AMERICAN GULAG that was just as respectable as any that was ever perpetrated in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, etc.    This type of thing cannot and should not happen in America – YET IT…

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