From RR: How does an appeal work?

  1. READ THE RULES.  Download the set of rules for appeals in your jurisdiction and court system.  Read all the rules.  I’d tell you to get an attorney but that would be a joke and an insult.  In Chicago, most attorneys charge $10k to $15k or more for a simple appeal and then many do just a lick and a promise at the last minute.  One attorney I know tells the client they are not allowed to review or change anything before submission.  He is sooooo full of it.  Bar complaint for him.  Of course he did a crappy job on this appellate brief.  Knew it.  In any case, 95% of the US public cannot afford $10k for an appeal.  So you’re stuck with me and this website and a DIY brief.  It’s completely interesting that 95% of Americans cannot afford to access their own Court Appellate system, but it seems…

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