From FB: Icelanders have found the secret to longest life span–hot tubs, geothermal energy, and being friends with your neighbors

Did you know that Icelanders have the highest life expectancy in the entire world?

They also have 80% fewer incidents of heart disease as compared to the US over the last 25 years.

Coincidence? We think not… How do they do it? What’s the “Icelandic secret”?

When it comes to socializing, England has its pubs. Italy has its piazzas. And Iceland has its pools.

On a snowy February afternoon, the outdoor West End pool in the capital city of Reykjavik was busy. Steam rose off the hot tubs, heated by Iceland’s vast geothermal network.

Laughter and chatting filled the air. This is Iceland’s meeting place. And in a country with minimal daylight in the long, gray winter, these pools might be the key to Iceland’s happiness.

Iceland’s natural surroundings, though stunning, can be harsh and desolate. Snow, sleet and rain blow wildly in the wind during the winter. The…

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From FB: Cruel and Unusual–why are we still sentencing 12 to 14 year olds to die in prison

In the United States, dozens of 13- and 14-year-old children have been sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole after being prosecuted as adults. While the United States Supreme Court recently declared in Roper v. Simmonsthat death by execution is unconstitutional for juveniles, young children continue to be sentenced to imprisonment until death with very little scrutiny or review. A study by the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) has documented 73 cases where children 13 and 14 years of age have been condemned to death in prison. Almost all of these kids currently lack legal representation and in most of these cases the propriety and constitutionality of their extreme sentences have never been reviewed.

Most of the sentences imposed on these children were mandatory: the court could not give any consideration to the child’s age or life history. Some of the children were charged with crimes that…

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From AO and CS–this is what the failure of Democracy looks like–false arrest for mental health evaluation

From Cynthia Stevens and Andy Ostrowski;

(Btw, AO is a suspended Pennsylvania lawyer who ran for Congress in 2014, won the primary, but lost in the general election.  He specialized for 20 years in Constitutional Rights, and was very outspoken about corruption in the Pennsylvania court.

He has filed litigation for the rights of the people, he has been outspoken on all types of social media, from Podcasts on Twiggs Cafe radio, to Facebook and Facebook civil rights groups and Twitter for human and civil rights.

Today, he was arrested while he was doing a Facebook Live video and hauled off for a mental evaluation when clearly he was calm, collected and competent.

Mental health evaluations were the processes by which Russia threw hundreds of thousands of its dissident citizens in dangerous gulags, China dissidents (if not shot in Tienanmen Square) also had “mental health” centers for “reeducation and training.”

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From FB: Friendly Fire: What happens when you shoot first and ask questions later. Bad Karma.

This video was apparently shown on one local news station but not the others.

Guns solve nothing and should be banned, even for cops.

We humans have no idea what to do with lethal weapons and we don’t need them anyway.

the cops have or should have Tasers and dogs, why did this cop use a gun when he clearly had other non lethal options.

Just my questions.

Pray for the vicitim and the idiot cop who shot him for no apparent reason.

No one is safe with this mentality.


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From FB–Is the California State Bar burning documents and covering felonies by Cal. lawyers?

Note: while I find this to be an interesting post, it does not differentiate between the Cal. Bar Assn, which is essentially a social club and the Cal. attorney disciplinary and registration agency.  I have asked the website for more clarification and to publish all the documents it relies upon in making the allegations.

State Bar Cursed – Still Covering Up for James Towery

​San Francisco, CA ​ September 13, 2017-  State Bar Employees tried to contain an out of control dumpster fire after Vanessa Houlton tried to burn evidence related to the Bar’s improper release of social security numbers, home addresses and confidential information of private citizens and sitting Superior Court Judges.​Ironically, as can be seen in the Bar’s own email noted above , James Towery, former Chief Trial  Counsel of the State Bar was among the victims of the Bar’s  wreckless handling of private and confidential information…

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From ABC news-FB — Eight dead in a nursing home when AC fails in Florida

Eight people are dead after Hurricane Irma knocked out air conditioning at a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida, according to ABC affiliate WPLG.

While the causes of their deaths were not immediately clear, the facility, Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, evacuated all its residents to hospitals because of the cooling problem.

Most of the patients were treated for respiratory distress, dehydration and heat-related issues, officials said.

PHOTO: Hurricane Irma knocks out air conditioning at the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills in Hollywood, Fla.WPLG
Hurricane Irma knocks out air conditioning at the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills in Hollywood, Fla.

Officials said 18 additional patients from an adjoining facility were also relocated because of the investigation, though those patients were “not medically compromised.”

Dr. Randy Katz, director of emergency services at Memorial Regional Hospital, which is next to the nursing home but is not affiliated with the nursing home, alleged there were extremely hot temperatures on the nursing home’s second floor.

An individual handling air…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–The murders and abuse of the elderly continue without interruption

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 10:38 PM
To: JoAnne M. Denison


Last night I had a telephone call from a lady who informed me that her mother was hauled before Judge Quinn, in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, by officials of a nursing home as an emergency.    It seems that the ‘good judge’ was requested to appoint a guardian for her mother so that mother could be placed in hospice!     According to the caller, this was accomplished virtually in secret and despite pleads from family, mother was denied food and basics of life until she died.    Complaints to Judge Quinn were rebuffed.     (The complainant has averred – and we have not verified –  that the nursing home operation involved is not only…

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From BTR/MO: Mass murder in Montgomery County, Penn. in Probate and the authorities look the other way

Guests: Coz Whitten-Skaife, Mary Whitten and other family members

This is a show you do not want to miss!

Pennsylvania appears to be about to exceed Florida and Tennessee in its abuse of the elderly by corrupt probate courts, for-profit guardians, unethical attorney’s and their constant companions…the participating nursing homes. In what has to be one of the most extreme cases of probate abuse with the intent to exploit the estate, Harvey Whitten is that case.  Highly educated and successful, Harvey became a prime target for the predators in Montgomery County, PA due to a stroke.  Harvey never had a chance to recover.

F. Harvey Whitten who suffers from vascular dementia, is being chemically restrained with Haldol.  This was done without the family’s knowledge.  Haldol is not appropriate for use on those over 60, nor those with dementia.  F. Harvey Whitten is a veteran of the Korean War, and…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Articles which must be remembered–Dr. Borasi’s cash for patients scheme

Some Articles must be remembered and never forgotten.  The following is one of those articles, to wit:

Cashing in on frail patients

Rock Creek Center in Lemont
David Jackson and Gary Marx, Tribune reporters

Dr. Roland Borrasi chuckled as he told three doctors how he used kickbacks and cash bribes to shuttle unsuspecting nursing home residents into Chicago-area hospitals and psychiatric wards.

Basically, I have a commodity; my commodity is nursing home patients,” Borrasi explained.

He didn’t know it at the time, but federal agents were secretly recording that meeting.

One of the doctors was wearing a wire as Borrasi matter-of-factly explained the mechanics of patient brokering to physicians in his medical group.

Those recordings, along with court documents and federal investigative reports obtained by the Tribune, describe a web of corruption in which hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed…

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From PA–Judge rejects over $1 million in attorneys fees on $125k claim

Judge denies ‘exorbitant’ request for nearly $1M in attorney fees after $125K recovery


A federal judge in Pennsylvania has denied a request for nearly $1 million in attorney fees and promised to refer the lawyers who sought the money to ethics regulators.

U.S. District Judge Malachy Mannion of Scranton deemed the fee request “astounding,” “exorbitant” and “woefully deficient.” He criticized claims for various portions of work as “abusively excessive” and “mind-boggling.” Some entries were redundant and some were vague, he said. The Legal Intelligencer (sub. req.), the Scranton Times-Tribune and the Associated Presshave stories; Mannion’s Aug. 29 opinion is here.

“As other courts have noted,” Mannion said, quoting from another opinion, “a fee request is not the opening salvo in a back and forth negotiation with the court. The request is not the sticker price on a used car that all…

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