From FB–Is the California State Bar burning documents and covering felonies by Cal. lawyers?

Note: while I find this to be an interesting post, it does not differentiate between the Cal. Bar Assn, which is essentially a social club and the Cal. attorney disciplinary and registration agency.  I have asked the website for more clarification and to publish all the documents it relies upon in making the allegations.

State Bar Cursed – Still Covering Up for James Towery

​San Francisco, CA ​ September 13, 2017-  State Bar Employees tried to contain an out of control dumpster fire after Vanessa Houlton tried to burn evidence related to the Bar’s improper release of social security numbers, home addresses and confidential information of private citizens and sitting Superior Court Judges.​Ironically, as can be seen in the Bar’s own email noted above , James Towery, former Chief Trial  Counsel of the State Bar was among the victims of the Bar’s  wreckless handling of private and confidential information…

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