From AO and CS–this is what the failure of Democracy looks like–false arrest for mental health evaluation

From Cynthia Stevens and Andy Ostrowski;

(Btw, AO is a suspended Pennsylvania lawyer who ran for Congress in 2014, won the primary, but lost in the general election.  He specialized for 20 years in Constitutional Rights, and was very outspoken about corruption in the Pennsylvania court.

He has filed litigation for the rights of the people, he has been outspoken on all types of social media, from Podcasts on Twiggs Cafe radio, to Facebook and Facebook civil rights groups and Twitter for human and civil rights.

Today, he was arrested while he was doing a Facebook Live video and hauled off for a mental evaluation when clearly he was calm, collected and competent.

Mental health evaluations were the processes by which Russia threw hundreds of thousands of its dissident citizens in dangerous gulags, China dissidents (if not shot in Tienanmen Square) also had “mental health” centers for “reeducation and training.”

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