From Ken Ditkowsky–Fixing the broken and trouble Cook County Probate System–where is Larkin on this?

Indeed, it is good to hear from you.   It is not good to be reminded thatIT IS UNSAFE TO GROW OLD IN AMERICA AND IN PARTICULAR COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS.  So far, the Ill. Atty. Registration and Discipline Commission, headed by Jerome Larkin, is giving favored attorneys a pass on perfidy in the court room. Why these attorneys are not investigated is completely unknown at this time, because all probate lawyers and many general practice lawyers know this is a serious problem, yet nothing is done by the authorities and the ARDC is used to cover up the problem.   
Under Illinois law, and in particular 755 ILCS 5/11A – 3b the Illinois Legislature has made it clear that guardianship is not  an invitation to exploit and abuse under corrupt court supervision convenient elderly people. A guardianship is very strictly limited to essentially helping a disabled person…

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