RAFFLE TICKETS now on sale to benefit Justice 4 Every1, NFP


Raffle tickets are $20 and will benefit the victims of crime in the courts and provide innocence project assistance to those of your who have experienced corruption in the courts (no jurisdiction, changed transcripts, judges obviously not following the law, summary orders to terminate POAs, Health Surrogate terminations, wrongful arrests, wrongful convictions and so many other unconstitutional and Fraud on the Court Proceedings.)  We can find plenty of attorneys and others to help you in pro se pleadings and I will help you report these crimes to the authorities, but we need money to pay rent, Comcast, transcript fees, court fees (for judges that wrongfully deny pauper’s petitions as a way to keep people from appealing unconstitutional decisions).  Our attorneys work many long hours for free for you. All we need to pay is overhead so we have a private place to meet and get you the assistance you need…

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