From Ken Ditkowsky–108 arrested in sex ring in Illinois, 752 across the US

Finally, the authorities appear to be cracking down on the sex rings that ruin primarily young girls and women.

I know personally they are a mess after having survived human trafficking and there is NO help whatsoever for them and they are heavily damaged.;-752-arrested-across-us/1746351/

There are several building that everyone knows are filled with human trafficked people, and the authorities do nothing about it, but apparently the clouted and elite want their pretty women–even at the expense of ruining them.  Generally, it’s the aldermen and the DNC that are involved and they protect these disgusting life ruining businesses.  These young people should be in high school and college, not held against their will for sex for the rich and powerful.

We all know that DT has lawsuits and claims against him for rapes that occurred during paid sex, and there are sex rings that exist for the wealthy and…

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