From Robin Thompson–the Missing and the Dead in the US–there has to be a connection

One woman who works on cold cases as a citizen volunteer has run across the following video in her work:

If you have a loved one who has gone missing and has worried frantically about them, not knowing if they are dead or alive–and all the police tell you is they probably got tired of living at home, or they ran away, or they live with friends now, and you get no sympathy or good advice, this video is a must watch.

The video explains that there are 80,000 reported missing people on any given date in the US, while at the time, coroners across the US receive 10,000 unidentified bodies each day.

There is no uniform approach or laws to help identify bodies.  Coroners and the police never interact.

In Illinois, while funeral directors must identify all physical damage to a body they receive, that report goes no where…

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