Christmas and Holiday Blessings for those that are court ordered away from loved ones–in probate and in family court

A major reason I was suspended from law is because this blog writes the truth.  I have seen far tooo many people ripped from their loved one because of a psychopathic guardian or ex partner.  Gloria Sykes saw her mother a handful of times during a 5 year abusive guardianship. The GALs continue to deny their highly abusive behavior to this day and have never apologized to Gloria, nor has the Guardian, her sister. That is horrid.

Randy Robinson, due to the nefarious activities of GAL Mary Robinson is highly unlikely to see his mother, though they both love one another greatly, they are isolated from one another unfairly and without remorse from either Mary Robinson or the court.

Alan Frake has been separated from his father by the court appointed lawyers and GAL and the court. Again, no remorse, and worse yet, Alan Frake has been the subject of…

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