From Ken Ditkowsky and the GA Supreme Court–Lawyer’s wife steals $2 million and Court recommends reprimand

But if I publish this article on my blog, according to Mr. Larkin, head Administrator of the Illinois. Atty. Registration Commission, that deserves a 3 year suspension for me and a 4 year suspension for Ken Ditkowsky:

Every single person I have talked to believes that this blog is protected by the First Amendment.  They are shocked to learn that when an attorney speaks out against corruption–a team of nasty lawyers–Larkin, Opryszek and Smart will hound you, harass you and then ask to have you disbarred.

I help people now spot and report corruption in their cases to the FBI and states attorney. They have mostly all been through the grist mill of Circuit Court in Cook County and will readily confirm that there are some very serious problems in the court system with judges issuing orders not in accordance with the law, and lying, sleazy lawyers who will…

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