And now a feel good story–

I hope someday this blog will turn into an endless string of these.

This week I saw one story in Oregon where a man planned on painting a senior’s home that had become decrepit, put the plan on his Facebook and thousands turned to support him, help paint an and pay for supplies!

Today, Kris Hood (thanks Kris) had on her Facebook the following story and a must watch video:

These are seniors learning FaceBook to communicate with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  How wonderful is that?

Take a couple of minutes and look at this amazing video trailer of teens teaching seniors who have never used a computer how to write and read email and access Facebook and Youtube where a world of information awaits them.

All good news, all feel good.

We need to stop asking “what’s in it for me” but rather “how can I save…

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Finally, in the mainstream media, one ward gets out and speaks out about an abusive g-ship

While the likes of Jerome Larkin and Sharon Opryszek are running around and saying the Sykes case was not a lie and a scam, it was, one brave woman in Florida was able to escape and this got in the mainstream media for a change–abc

Mary Sykes is now dead.  All her money went to attorneys or over priced nursing home bills when she wrote in her POA for health care specifically she did not want to live in a nursing home, she wanted to stay at home.  The Connors-Stuart-MacCarthy team ignored all that, forced her to live in a nursing home and took away all her rights to be and live with her daughter Gloria.

Eventually she was narcotized to death.

The ARDC and Larkin say I was lying, the flying monkeys in probate say I was lying, but the world knows better now.

I am still suspended…

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From Candice Schwager in Texas — more blood on the hands of probate appointed attorneys–Ruby


Buyer’s Remorse: When a “deal” for Mom’s freedom goes bad


Just when I think I cannot get any more disgusted with these reprobate lawyers, they hit a new vomit, want to punch someone in the face decibel. Sarah Pacheco is about the worst of the reprobate and cannot even see it. There is any icy cold feeling of PURE ARROGANCE in the room when she enters. She is the most despicable of them all, so be glad Terry. But the two of you could really do some damage! Russ Jones is right up there. And this is my opinion, you den of thieves. I hope you like it HOT!

Today in Court, I was shocked at the freudian slip of the century out of the mouth of a true sow: Sarah. Unbelievably, after  getting sanctioned $15,000 for screaming too loud to save…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–how to ignore and actually flip around the Illinois Probate Act so that it harms rather than protects

To: scott evans <>
Subject: Re: Tonight’s Cooper’s Corner
Date: Aug 13, 2015 10:29 AM
If I understand what you are saying, you feel that my suggesting Honesty, Honor and fidelity as a solution to the problem of guardianship for the indolent, obnoxious, incompetent and uncontrollable elder or disabled person who now needs social services.    Indeed, in a vacuum it does seem to be Pollyannaish.   But, it is not.    It is not because we do have good people out there and the Jerome Larkin et al conspirators are a minority – but growing.
This is the reason we need the media, the legal profession, and citizens in general to defy the conspirators (including but not limited to Larkin, and his group) and clean up the mess now before it become metastatic.   Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators have unilaterally revoked the…

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From the Probate Blog–the fight to save Casey Ksem

Kerri Kasem, the daughter of the late American Top 40 DJ, Casey Kasem, has been on a mission to make sure what happened to her and her siblings does not happen to others. When her father’s health deteri  orated from Parkinson’s disease, it sparked an ugly court battle between his children and his wife, Jean Kasem, which did not end until he died.  By then, Casey Kasem was suffering from serious bed sores, a urinary tract infection, and sepsis.   Casey-and-Kerri-Kasem-300x277

Kerri Kasem feels that her father’s death could have been prevented if she and her siblings had been able to see him and monitor his care better, but there were not sufficient protections in the law to help.

Like many other adult children in her shoes, Kerri Kasem went to court to be able to see her father and make sure he was protected.  She faced a very difficult…

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More on Fraud on the Court and reporting crimes against disableds and seniors

From: Eliot Bernstein <>
Sent: Aug 11, 2015 2:04 PM
To: ‘Bill Scheidler’ <>

They are not immune from acts outside of the color of law like felony criminal or misdemeanor acts.  This is why I suggest before filing fraud on court or in conjunction go to the local PD department first and file a criminal complaint as Barbara has done against Genden.  Get a FORMAL COMPLAINT NUMBER, make sure they intake properly and DO NOT let them push you to the bar or JQC who have no jurisdiction over criminal matters.  Your criminal complaint should have:

  1. Code sections you are complaining about from Statutes, ie Obstruction, Aiding & Abetting, Fraud, etc.
  2. Brief description of each crime (usually take code and rewrite to fit to crime against you) and no more than two paragraphs.
  3. One to two of best evidence, not all, set traps if you can as you will…

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