From Dr. Cordero–a format for justice

I think what you wrote is good, but it would help to be more specific for pro se’ers.  For example, most people do not know that you can get a judge recused for the following behavior:

Rude behavior, scoffing at, making noises, making faces while you are talking or saying you cannot speak at all without an attorney and then letting the other side go on and on and on and not letting you respond.

The standard in most jurisdictions for recusal of a judge is that you have a reasonable fear that you will not get a fair trial or hearing and the judge will be biased against you.

Obviously, issuing contempt and Body Attachment orders in a civil case gets you there–those are unconstitutional. Gag orders  or “you must not talk about X” are also unconstitutional and will get you there (motion to recuse).

A recusal is not…

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