From ALJ Kessell–An award of Thousands of Dollars in fines for isolating a senior

Obviously someone is listening and the flying monkeys better take notice to either leave or dip deeper in those pockets for bribes (and maybe it isn’t worth is any longer?) because the ALJ’s in Medicare complaints are cracking down.

April 10, 2015 case of sykesblog-081015-NMSHealthcarev.CMS-nursinghomerights

the ALJ Kessel made it clear that he would not tolerate violations of Medicare regulations and he fined the facility thousands of dollars for isolating an elderly woman from one daughter based upon a POA from another daughter that the facility enforced.

 However, she eventually cooperated and returned. Id.
The resident was moved to the locked unit of Petitioner’s facility upon her return on January 22, 2014. From that date and thereafter, the resident was confined behind a locked door that denied her egress from the wing on which she was confined and from the facility itself. Petitioner not only confined Resident # 4, it…

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