More on Fraud on the Court and reporting crimes against disableds and seniors

From: Eliot Bernstein <>
Sent: Aug 11, 2015 2:04 PM
To: ‘Bill Scheidler’ <>

They are not immune from acts outside of the color of law like felony criminal or misdemeanor acts.  This is why I suggest before filing fraud on court or in conjunction go to the local PD department first and file a criminal complaint as Barbara has done against Genden.  Get a FORMAL COMPLAINT NUMBER, make sure they intake properly and DO NOT let them push you to the bar or JQC who have no jurisdiction over criminal matters.  Your criminal complaint should have:

  1. Code sections you are complaining about from Statutes, ie Obstruction, Aiding & Abetting, Fraud, etc.
  2. Brief description of each crime (usually take code and rewrite to fit to crime against you) and no more than two paragraphs.
  3. One to two of best evidence, not all, set traps if you can as you will…

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