Cook County Court Surveys–has anyone seen one or has a link to it? Please find and fill out

Announced in the April 3, 2015 Daily Law Bulletin:

From Lanre Amu:

Survey to gauge service quality of circuit courts Illinois judges want to know how peoplereally feel about them.
Chief judges in all 24 judicial circuits will issue surveys at most courthouses in the
state to ask court users — from attorneys to litigants to media and the general public —about their experiences with their local court system.
The goal, Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Rita B. Garman said, is to gain insight about the public’s perception of the state’s court system and make changes wherevernecessary.
“It is the court’s obligation to be accountable and provide justice in a fair, equitable and expeditious manner, and, therefore, we look forward to the end results of this survey,” she said in a statement.
The surveys will be conducted from April 13 to May 1. They seek to gather…

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Private Probate a huge problem for the poor and likely unconstitutional.

From Human Rights Watch:

the video explains how many states are dumping probation programs to private contractors who charge poor people thousands of dollars and lock them up.

The system is unfair and has to change.  This is just more of the kids for cash, seniors for cash problem that is sweeping the US.

It is not a crime to be poor in the US, we don’t have gulags, we are not supposed to be forcing people into horrendous lock down nursing homes and forcing drugs on them.

Even while I am suspended, I watch out for your rights.  I care about all of you out there, esp. the probate victims.  We have fairly pieced together a huge chunk of the problem, where many in government are linked to drugs and mob money.

It important that these problems are eliminate from the court’s system


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From Rev. Crystal Cox — a whistleblower receives protection from the 9th circuit

Reverend Crystal Cox

Crystal L. Cox, Port Townsend Washington

“On January 17, 2014, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Crystal L. Cox from Eureka, Montana who was sued by for defamation by Kevin Padrick, an attorney and his company – Obsidian Finance Group, LLC. Cox had written posts exposing fraud, corruption, money-laundering and so forth.”

“This ruling should be a clear reminder to misguided attorneys, corporations, developers or those with affluence to cease bullying or intimidating those who report the issues of the day.

Many concerned citizens have no choice but to create their own blogs and websites to level the playing field in this blossoming social media warfare.

The government has its plentiful public relations specialists, paid for by taxpayers. Corporations and special interests have their hired PR consultants. There are hired mercenaries who feel no qualms about spinning the facts. News media can be bought…

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Breaking News — another martyr created and endorsed by the ARDC

Pretty soon they will have to put posts for our heads up outside 130 E Randolph.

I understand Sir Thomas Moore, from A Man for All Seasons, now considered a true scholar, lawyer, judge and reverred Chancellor of England, had his head on a post for about a month until his daughter took it down after he clung to his principles of honor and integrity, opposing the divorce and putting away of Queen Catherine, but then he did go on to marry Anne Boleyn who birthed on of the greatest rulers of that age, Queen Elizabeth I, so who knows.

But he did stick to his principles and always told the truth.  When he would not support the new king’s marriage, there was a fight for awhile, but eventually it was off with his head at the tower of England.

In any case, the Sup. Ct. of Ill. agreed with…

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53 Disability Rights Activists Arrested in Washington DC by Obama White House

after they were told the US President would not hear their demands to stop housing the disabled in nursing homes against their will where they cannot experience life to its fullest.

Sound familiar?  Anytime, the nursing home industry is threatened it seems someone gets arrested, from Barbara Stone and her heroic fight to protect her mother, to Glenda Martinez who recently won her fight to restore her POA rights and bring her husband home (complete with bed sores, a rash, deteriorated limbs and muscles for lying in bed all day without rehab, etc.)

150+ disabled rights activists storm the White House fence for their rights, and the US President has them arrested instead of looking at their demands.

The organization is ADAPT.

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From Ken Ditkowsky–another call for an investigation! And a call for organization and attorneys!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 21, 2015 11:49 AM
To: Candice Schwager , JoAnne M Denison , Sherry Johnston , Rik Munson
Subject: Retaliation.

Illinois has been a leader in judicial corruption.      The tight (corrupt) political control over the judicial system has been credited for the successful growth of a judiciary that most citizens are await to become involved.    We have a ‘watchdog’ committee promulgated by the Supreme Court of Illinois that is unembarrassed when it suspends a lawyer for demanding an investigation of obvious corruption, a lawyer for “practicing law while black,” a lawyer for exercizing her obligations of citizenship and pursuant to the protection of both the State and Federal Constitution operating a blog.    This same organization bars a civil rights leader from observing a kangaroo hearing that it is conducting.   It should be noted that other people were admitted to the “hearing!”…

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Cooper’s Corner’s Tomorrow night discusses what happened at the Review Board!

As all of you are aware, the “Review Board” hearing was utterly amazing in that 1) they banned my court reporter, and 2) left Diane Nash, a famous Civil Rights leader featured in the movie Selma, standing the hallway (while 2 litigator attorneys sat in the first row).

Also, as you know, the ARDC does not file Ethics Reports mandated under the 2009 Ethics Reporting Act, it does not say how it chooses Tribunals or Review Boards, etc.

There will be plenty to discuss and NEWS FLASH!  For those of you that are probate victims, or family members, we will be having the first meeting of Justice 4 Every1’s Probate Victim/Corruption Victim Support Group. Come and find and meet with others who have experienced the horrors of corrupt court rooms and judges.  Amazing and horrific stories.  All victims and their families are invited.

Next up, Glenda’ Martinez-Col. Smith’s amazing win…

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