Breaking News — another martyr created and endorsed by the ARDC

Pretty soon they will have to put posts for our heads up outside 130 E Randolph.

I understand Sir Thomas Moore, from A Man for All Seasons, now considered a true scholar, lawyer, judge and reverred Chancellor of England, had his head on a post for about a month until his daughter took it down after he clung to his principles of honor and integrity, opposing the divorce and putting away of Queen Catherine, but then he did go on to marry Anne Boleyn who birthed on of the greatest rulers of that age, Queen Elizabeth I, so who knows.

But he did stick to his principles and always told the truth.  When he would not support the new king’s marriage, there was a fight for awhile, but eventually it was off with his head at the tower of England.

In any case, the Sup. Ct. of Ill. agreed with…

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