From Ken Ditkowsky to the Wall Street Journal–elder cleansing is a real threat to us all and our loved ones

To:   Editors of the Wall Street Journal
Cc:    Justice Department/Law enforcement.
This morning (April 16, 2015) the First editorial starts with the words:
“Ill- defined federal laws now reach into virtually every sphere of human behavior, and thus prosecutors can destroy almost anyone they choose.”
 Indeed, such is a sobering thought; however, many Federal and State laws are very clear and they also reach into ever sphere of human endeavor.     Many of these laws, especially those that codify America’s core values should not be swept under the rug or granted an insignificant status.    For instance,  it is very clear and black letter law that any citizen, at any- time, anywhere, and  in just about any circumstances has a right to complain to other citizens and to law enforcement of judicial corruption, political corruption, and even suspected corruption.      Thus, a citizen, has a right to author or manage a blog that…

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