From Ken Ditowsky–An Apology is demanded from Jerome Larkin to Diane Nash

The ARDC boasted in its 2013 Annual Report  it owns $1.2 million in furniture, but it could not find a $10 stool for Mrs. Nash, who is a probate victim and famed civil rights activist from the 1960’s, honored and awarded repeatedly.  Mr. Larkin and his staff did not even know who she was, did not ask, and did not accommodate this elderly lady of justice while Attys Opryszek and Smart took up valuable chairs in the front and deprived an elderly Queen of Civil Rights the seat she justly deserved.  You didn’t ask, you didn’t think and you didn’t act when you should have.  Shame on you all–Joanne
Dear Mr. Larkin,
The barring Ms. Diane Nash from the hearing room during the facade of a hearing on the 9th of April was so rude and so wrong that it is incomprehensible that a civil rights activist heroine from…

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