And they must be getting very afraid of what they do to families…..

So today in court I had another rarified peek at what is really going on on the 18th floor to ensure that the OPG gets every juicy case it can muster.  Eminent domain, move over.

The war was escalated.  They gave my client 2 weeks for discovery, 10 days to file witness lists (how can you list your witnesses when you have a 14 day discovery period???), another attorney never gave my client the order, she missed the deadline, the court today banned all of her witnesses and her expert witnesses (they were so ruthless they banned her rebuttal witnesses, imagine that), the court is running well past the 120 day deadline for a temp guardianship…..blah blah blah.  The judge said she would not entertain a 183 motion for an extension of time during the last 3 court appearances.

So what did they do?  they sealed the hearing and all…

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Best video on a wrongful Jerome Larkin 3 year suspension of a black African Immigrant Atty–Mr Amu

This is one of the most popular videos on to what extent the ARDC wants attorneys to have a code of silence, to not warn their clients of court fraud in Illinois, and to always take the side of Judges and other attorneys–even though the fact they are not following the law despite being officers of the court.

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Important–From Glenda Martinez–A video story you won’t want to miss

I highly recommend this video as a typical story I learn about at least once or twice per week–and for which the court does absolutely nothing about.

This week I learned one client after asking and begging for one mother to see her son (it has been months and she could not see him, not for Christmas or New Year’s) and a sister.  They were awarded visitation once per week, but the wife never allowed it, said it was never a good time. We have a year of recordings of this. The court just told both the mother will never see her son again, and the sister will never see her brother again. The wife claims this man is too demented to recognize them, so why bother? (This woman is just another living heat donor if you ask me, and has no right to be a guardian).

another video story…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Pick a month, any month, and see why Illinois is No. 1 in Corruption

And then ponder why the ARDC wants every attorney in Illinois to adhere to a code of silence and let our clients fall into corruption traps because we cannot warn them and cannot warn the public and we MUST ignore 18 USC sec 4 so that we risk prison and fines for not showing our clients how to report and freely discussing this matter on our fraud in the court blogs.

Go figure.

July 9 2014
Unfortunately for taxpayers, June was a groundbreaking month for corruption in Illinois. In June alone, there were reports of 85 corruption-related stories in the state. Some of the record-breaking highlights include the following:
For the first time in 33 years, the Illinois Legislative Audit Commission exercised its subpoena powers in the issuance of a subpoena regarding Gov. Pat Quinn’s controversial anti-violence program. That’s on top of a separate federal subpoena…

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Dear Readers;

One of the more interesting tactics the ARDC has taken to, is to repeatedly send me their crappy papers decrying their lack of appreciation for this blog because it tells all that goes on in probate, it told the “secrets” of the Sykes case, that it had no jurisdiction, there was a safe deposit box drilled out by the Guardian, emptied and no one told the judge about that, that $1 million in valuable coins are missing per the records of the estate attorney (Ditkowsky), the judge refused discovery to opposing parties, the case was railroaded.

If there has been attorneys and judges acting badly in probate, you heard it here.  The public has a right to know and be warned, esp. if the court of appeals and Illinois Supreme Court do nothing, the ARDC does nothing and even covers up.

The ARDC was granted subpoena power to…

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Survey says Illinois Nursing Homes are the worst….but the money is just too darned good.

So then why does anyone put an elder in a nursing home in Illinois?

Let me tell you why.  It’s the worst kept secret.

Everyday Guardians in Probate put their disableds into nursing homes–often against their will.  (Wyman, Gore, Drabik, etc.)  This is not the law.  The Americans with Disabilities act 42 USC 12203 says that there must be reasonable accommodations to enable a disabled person to live fully as a normal bodied one.  The US DOJ put out a missive that major efforts, if at all possible, should be made to ensure that disableds age in place. (published elsewhere on this blog).  So what gives?

Big business gives, that is. It costs about $1,000 per month to house and feed a senior on cheap food. The staff to patient ratio is about 10 to 1. So if no one cares, grandma and grandpa go straight to the nursing…

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From Glenda Martinez, she begs us to just say no to psychotropic drugging of our elders

Dear Glenda;

Thanks so much for writing the wonderful letter below and sharing it with our readers.  We pray that you and Alan win on appeal and he will come home and away from his abusers.


March 4, 2015

Kathryn McCarten,
Director nurses, Life Care nursing home
Dear Kathryn,

Re: Col J. Alan Smith
As the supervisor for nurses at the Life Care nursing home,  I am sure you have knowledge of the harm that drugging frail and elder patients can provoke severe and deleterious consequences. 

I am therefore sending you these 6 articles at bottom of page, about the harm of the drugging of patients with any kind of psychotropic drugs as it is obvious Col. Alan Smith is being drugged into a stupor with.

 I understand, Alan Smith, for months now, cannot many times respond to voice nor touch due to his being under these drugs.  As…

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And while Illinois is protecting animals better (great idea) how about grandma and grandpa?

And now while the State of Illinois state’s attorney offices has decided to protect Fluffy and Fido and that’s a great idea, no dog or cat or kitten or puppy should ever be left out in extreme heat or cold all day (unless it’s a breed that does well, for example huskies do well and enjoy extreme cold and like to have plenty of play that is work for them, and Marie Coon Cats can do well in extreme cold.  Likewise short haired chihuahua’s and hairless or Sphynx cats do well 90 degrees or above with water.

But grandma and grandpa have no protection from predators.  Mary Sykes is in a place she never intended and when Ken Ditkowsky brought up the fact that he was advised during estate planning Mary had $1million in valuable collectible coins, the ARDC and courtroom 1804 and the attorneys appointed there worked strenuously to…

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