And they must be getting very afraid of what they do to families…..

So today in court I had another rarified peek at what is really going on on the 18th floor to ensure that the OPG gets every juicy case it can muster.  Eminent domain, move over.

The war was escalated.  They gave my client 2 weeks for discovery, 10 days to file witness lists (how can you list your witnesses when you have a 14 day discovery period???), another attorney never gave my client the order, she missed the deadline, the court today banned all of her witnesses and her expert witnesses (they were so ruthless they banned her rebuttal witnesses, imagine that), the court is running well past the 120 day deadline for a temp guardianship…..blah blah blah.  The judge said she would not entertain a 183 motion for an extension of time during the last 3 court appearances.

So what did they do?  they sealed the hearing and all…

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