Survey says Illinois Nursing Homes are the worst….but the money is just too darned good.

So then why does anyone put an elder in a nursing home in Illinois?

Let me tell you why.  It’s the worst kept secret.

Everyday Guardians in Probate put their disableds into nursing homes–often against their will.  (Wyman, Gore, Drabik, etc.)  This is not the law.  The Americans with Disabilities act 42 USC 12203 says that there must be reasonable accommodations to enable a disabled person to live fully as a normal bodied one.  The US DOJ put out a missive that major efforts, if at all possible, should be made to ensure that disableds age in place. (published elsewhere on this blog).  So what gives?

Big business gives, that is. It costs about $1,000 per month to house and feed a senior on cheap food. The staff to patient ratio is about 10 to 1. So if no one cares, grandma and grandpa go straight to the nursing…

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