From Ken Ditkowsky–Pick a month, any month, and see why Illinois is No. 1 in Corruption

And then ponder why the ARDC wants every attorney in Illinois to adhere to a code of silence and let our clients fall into corruption traps because we cannot warn them and cannot warn the public and we MUST ignore 18 USC sec 4 so that we risk prison and fines for not showing our clients how to report and freely discussing this matter on our fraud in the court blogs.

Go figure.

July 9 2014
Unfortunately for taxpayers, June was a groundbreaking month for corruption in Illinois. In June alone, there were reports of 85 corruption-related stories in the state. Some of the record-breaking highlights include the following:
For the first time in 33 years, the Illinois Legislative Audit Commission exercised its subpoena powers in the issuance of a subpoena regarding Gov. Pat Quinn’s controversial anti-violence program. That’s on top of a separate federal subpoena…

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