From the Frake Estate–why is he being drugged with a cocktail of 4 psychotropic meds

All without meeting the standards of In Re Tiffany, and all over objections of the family members, and the Judge, Carolyn Quinn, just hands back reports of abuse to the abuser!

What this means is YOU can be stripped of your paid up home, placed in Sunrise Nursing Home in Park Ridge, be given these drugs–if your “crime” is being a pain in the butt:

The ward has no known drug allergies [NKDA] and takes the following medications:
Effexor (antidepressant); Lithium Carbonate (mood stabilizer); Donepezil (dementia);Risperdal (mood stabilizer); Tegretal (mood stabilizer); Metoprolo! (blood pressure);Simvastatin (cholesterol); Ducosate (stool softener) and Vultaran Cream (facial

(just for everyone’s edification, Effexor, Lithium, Risperdal and Tegretal are all basically horse tranquilizers.  They are derived from Thorazine, a horse tranquilizer developed in the 1930’s. )

In prior weeks this blog reported excessive drooling and a drool bib.  The court…

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