From the LA Times, if the police arrest you, first thing to ditch is the cell phone?

From Eliot Bernstein, this article explains how some protestors, who engage in peaceful protest, work to protect citizen’s rights, are first advising to ditch cell phones when arrested.

Technically, an arrest is anytime the police start talking to you and you believe you must respond and cannot walk away.  You should always ask the officer, “may I leave now?”  If the answer is “no” at anytime, you’re under arrest.  And it’s not that I don’t love talking to strange and new police officers, but you have to be sure to talk about the weather, tell jokes, ask if you can help them with anything, ask if they’d like a free knitting or crocheting lesson, but general talk about crimes and criminality is off limits.  I just tell them I’m not a PD or prosecutor, so I don’t know anything about X so I can’t answer any questions, but if they…

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