From Tim Lahrman–a man on the inside of the diability game

With all due respect to each and everyone of you —–  I am on the inside — I am a ward and have been for 28 years … it has been quite the learning curve and experience, and at times enjoyable being the village idiot — a few years back I tried to buy a large corner lot just off a highway/bypass ramp near my home.  I had visions of building an office building, hiring three paralegals from each state and building an legal advocacy org for the guardianship issue — of course I dream big … but that is how I built the company I lost in my guardianship those many years back —  In sum, ladies and gentlemen — if the journey through guardianship were a long winding pathway — I am well down the path in this journey … I will not look back and join in the experimentation…

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