The Latest in the war against Disident honest attorneys in Illinois, JMD’s Petition for Interrim Suspension.

Dear Readers:

See below.  While the Petition for Interrim suspension was most likely written by SO, a champion against the rights of the public to a fair and just court system, and againt the First Amendment in all forms, the claims are that this blog “threatens irreparable harm to the public, my clients (I have no client complaints, please), and to the orderly administration of justice.”

No where in the 9 pages that were filed, is there any allegation made of a client willing to testify against me (many were contacted, and all politely declined, well, some not so politely, they told me), and how does a blog affect the orderly administration of justice.

Judges aren’t even supposed to read blogs.

The main claim to “orderly administration of justice” is that the Sykes case was “overly litigious” by Gloria due to this blog.  How is that?  It is never clearly…

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