And while the ARDC denies that corruption exists in the courtroom, Philadephia is facing the music…

Apparently, legal problems aren’t over in Philadelphia when 6 judges are arrested for fixing tickets.  Some were for a set price and some just because they needed to take care of their friends.

It’s the hardest thing for an honest lawyer to charge your client when you know you get to court and there will be no justice for your client when everyone else has clout or an envelope of cash or some unfair bargaining form you’re not going to partake of, ever.

In most cases, the hard part is not that you’re going to lose, it will be that others will be gloating saying, “don’t you ever notice you never win” but you’re charging your client to go to a place where there will never be any justice, yet dozens of citizen complaints have been filed already regarding the practice and the FBI is silent and does not…

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