An Open Letter to Jerome Larkin from Ken Ditkowsky, JD

Open letter to Jerome Larkin,  Administrator of the Illinois ARDC

Dozens of  friends and family of victims of Elder Cleansing have written to your commission and all have received a letter that said that your agency stating that it was not interested in the obviously criminal conduct of a small group of lawyers being reported.     Each complaint was essentially the same.    A senior citizen was railroaded into a guardianship in which his/her liberty and property were confiscated.     The looting of the estate was accomplished by the direct violation of the directive of 755 ILCS 11a – 3 (b) in that the elderly and/or disabled victim was separated from his/her prior life and family members who would not attorn to the artificial arrangement and the unjust enrichment of judicial and other officials.  (other officials include guardians and attorneys).    After the looting was complete the elderly person was subjected to a…

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From Janet Phelan–a call to the UN to aide and rescue the elders and can abusive guardianships equate to Torture under international treaties?

From: Janet Phelan <>
To: kenneth ditkowsky <>;
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2014 1:22 PM
Subject: RE: Request for Administrative Records

The human rights record of the US is at question here. If there is no redress within the US, it will be necessary to take it “outside the house.”

I spoke with the UN human rights office recently. When I said that I was calling on behalf of literally hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals who had experienced profound deprivation of rights in the US courts and I was therefore requesting information about filing under the applicable treaty org, the woman at the human rights office (NY UN) had a minor meltdown.
Well, good for her! There are now too many of us, and some, as you know, have incurred more of a personal “interest” and pursuant vendetta by our own government. And…

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