Excellent book on Legal Abuse Syndrome or Post Traumatic Litigation Disorder


Dear Readers;

After talking to dozens and dozens of probate court room victims and their families, I think we pretty well know that people generally do NOT escape the probate court room debacle psychologically unscathed.  In fact, I am absolutely certain that most of you have learned that there are simply hugely damaged victims of court room abuses.

I received an email from someone today that had a byline of the following book:

Legal Abuse Syndrome by Ms. Karin Huffer, Mft and I bought it and was surprised at right off the bat, how she nailed the repeated saying of Legal Abuse Syndrome clients:

1) I am a a good person, clean living person, but this (LAS) is “cruel and unusual” punishment

2) the actions of (court room attorneys) are cruel and unusual, they are not normal, they are persons without souls, they have no conscious, etc.

3) what kind…

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