An appeal to a Floria States Attorney to protect Barbara Stone and her mother from Elder and Family Abuse by the authorities

Sent: August 28, 2014 3:56:18 PM
To:; Barbara Stone; Alyece Russell;
Michael Nofsinger; Kenneth Ditkowsky [Ditkowsky Law]; Sylvia Rudek NASGA;
Ask the Dept of
Subject: The illegal assault, prosecution and persecution of Barbara Stone and her mother
Auto forwarded by a Rule

Dear Mr Horn

I am an attorney in Illinois who writes a blog about probate cases* and I also practice  our probate decision handling dozens of cases involving guardianships where family members are isolated from their loved ones and placed in locked down nursing homes and are drugged.  Estates are drained by tied in attorneys and court appointed agencies who bill but do not protect or even care very much at all other than their financial renumerations.

The use of psychotropic drugs on persons over 60 and under 20 is contraindicated by the FDA and is not an FDA approved usage of…

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