From Ken Ditkowski –caught in the act

Subject: Re: Caught In The Act <; [but still being covered-up]
Date: Mar 4, 2017 8:14 AM
In Illinois and many States we have guardianship supervised by our Courts.   What this means is that there is an active JUDGE assigned to each guardianship who supervises the elder abuse/exploitation, and dehumanization of the elderly person.   I point to the Mary Sykes (09 P 4585) and Alice Gore cases as exhibits 1 and 2.   After the elder cleansing (i.e. isolation, abuse, exploitation, theft of savings and other assets, and denial of all human and civil rights) was completed that designated victim was subjected to involuntary suicide.   Calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION resulted in a campaign of intimidation directed against the caller followed by a cover-up of massive proportions.   Millions of dollars of State of Illinois money (public money) was and is used in…

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