From Ken Ditkowsky and the US Supreme court–Jury secrecy not protected if racial bias alleged

 Fairness in our Courts is required and mandated!
Now let’s apply this to the guardianship proceedings and even traffic court!   It would be very nice have judges who have integrity by definition!   Of course this would mean that ‘cover ups’ such as are going on in Illinois and some other states by lawyer disciplinary commissions would be illegal!
They are not protected by any alleged “secrecy” or “privacy” to the Disabled Person. In any instance where corruption is involved, it is not protected by “secrecy” or “privacy”. That’s why the videos in the Mary G Sykes case are so valuable and must be protected on the internet. This woman was clearly not incompetent. Why then did the Tribunal in Joanne Denison’s case refuse to take a look at the video evidence that there was indeed corruption in…

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