From Ken Ditkowsky–Chicago Courts during the Depression

Subject: Re: Justice Served with Andy Ostrowski – disciplined lawyer series – lawyers for judicial reform
Date: Jul 26, 2016 1:05 PM
Having had experience with the cover-up of the elder cleansing cottage industry and in particular Jerome Larkin I very much agree that the corruption of the attorney disciplinary process is deplorable and wrong.   The regulators have to be just as Caesar’s wife and have to meet and exceed the standards of conduct imposed on lawyers.   The Lanre Amu case as an example – suspended for three years for exposing the corruption of Judge Egan – i.e. Practicing Law while Black, is outrages and it in of itself should result in the disbarment of Jerome Larkin and every attorney involved in the prosecution of the matter.   In addition Judge Egan herself ought to be disbarred and removed from the bench.

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