From Joanne Denison–how about a law that before nursing home placement, the judge has to stay there…..

For at least a few days.  In fact, the GAL’s and attorneys and OPG should join her. You know, eat the same slop, be held down and shot up with Roxanol, Seroquel, Halodol–the drug de jour.

Also, they will not be able to use phone or internet and they cannot receive visitors.

Arm and leg restraints shall be used if they object.

In addition, if they have contact lenses, glasses, those will be taken and the glasses will be forced onto one of their friend that does not need glasses.

Then they can listen to patients cry out all day for justice, to go home and to see their loved ones.

I really like the trick in one recent case I heard of. So Nurse Ratchet could act as personally bully to a patient, he could not be left alone in his room, so he was kept at the nurses’…

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