Response from the ABA and protecting Whistleblowers!

From:JoAnne M Denison <>

To: ABA Member Service <>, Atty Ken Ditkowsky <>, Atty Barbara Stone <>, Atty Candice Schwager <>, …..

Cc: Chicago FBI <>, Chicago FBI Civil Rights <>, “” <>

Subject: RE: Membership (current and new memberships) +

Date: Feb 22, 2016 3:56 PM

That’s why I was writing you.  The proceeding was a “go after” proceeding for revealing corruption on a blog.

The ABA has to do more to protect the public, whose out cry from corruption in the court room is now deafening.

It is not enough any longer to cite a rule.  The ABA must be proactive in rescuing those attorneys who are honest and ethical and stop protecting a bunch of thieves and felons.

While the ARDC was engaging in a go after proceeding against me,  Atty Seth Gillman was indicted in January 2014 for bilking the Federal and State governments of…

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