Sacramento County Court article tells saga of bribes, clout and fixers

I think these are scenarios we call all relate to.  Note this is a watchdog website and not mega media


Sacramento County Family Law Court Operates as RICO Racketeering Enterprise, Charge Whistleblowers

Hyperlinks throughout this special investigative report link to whistleblower leaked documents and other original source material.
Judge William Shubb, Judge Edmund Brennan, Supreme Court, Corruption, Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Mariano Cuellar, Ming Chin, Carol Corrigan, Leondra Kruger, Goodwin Liu,  Kathryn Werdegar, Judge Garland Burrell Jr, Judge Carolyn Delaney, , Judge Morrison England Jr, Judge Gregory Hollows, Judge John Mendez, Judge Kendall Newman, Judge Troy Nunley, Judge Allison Claire, Judge Dale Drozd, Judge Lawrence Karlton, Judge Kimberly Mueller, Judge Kevin Culhane - Judge Vance Raye - Judge James Mize
Whistleblowers allege that the family law division of
Sacramento Superior Court operates as a racketeering
enterprise similar to the Kids for Cash scheme uncovered
in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

The family court division of Sacramento Superior Court is controlled and operated by an illegal parallel government structure made up of local divorce lawyers who also work as part-time judges, court employees and clerks, and full-time judges, according to whistleblowerleakeddocuments and court watchdogs.

The shadow government is without the same transparency and accountabilityrequired of legitimate Judicial Branch agencies, and meets the legal definitionof a criminal racketeering…

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