New ABA article to comment on but hurry before they shut down any sympathy for me

from M W

I read this article and I know you and Ken Ditkowsky have been advocating for probate victims.

I have sent the article to Colorado Senator Laura Woods who seems to trying to help the probate cartel victims here in Colorado.
Thank you for standing up for the vulnerable.
M. W.

from Joanne

As you will all recall, the last time the ABA published that I was suspended because I was highly critical of the Sykes case and predicted everything would be liquidated and then some to pay only attorneys fees and she would be dumped in a tied in nursing home and more excessive fees would accrue THIS BLOG’S PREDICTIONS WERE ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON.

In its complaint, the ARDC published mostly mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s complaints to the authorties wherein we said there was fraud, theft and embezzlement of nearly $1 million in gold…

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