As usual, Gloria gets in the last word–before they shut the comments down

from Ken Ditkowsky:

The full shame of the American Bar Association ought to be published.   The following is the article from the American Bar Journal.   Pre-teens are required before going into High School to pass the Constitution test demonstrating a rudimentary knowledge thereof.   Apparently the Supreme Court of Illinois, the IARDC, the Review panel, and a few lawyers in Illinois have no working knowledge of the Constitution of either Illinois or America, and certainly the failure of the ABA to exhibit outrage *****.
The entire document is as follows:


Lawyer gets suspension for blog posts about ‘feeding frenzy’ of connected lawyers

POSTED SEP 24, 2015 12:46 PM CDT

An Illinois lawyer who blogged about a probate case has been suspended because of her posts alleging a “feeding frenzy” of court-connected lawyers in Chicago’s “sleazy world of probate.”

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