From the Wall Street Journal–the more offensive the speech, the more it must be free

From the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

And in the time honored Jerome Larkin, the article describes in detail why Melissa Smart was ciing improper case precedent when she started out my trial with this blog is “like yelling fire in a crowded theater”.  Of course, this blog is not and that standard decision by Justice Holmes had to do with war time speech and divulging war strategy information.  It since has been replaced with the speech must incite its audience to imminent violence, an din fact do so.

One more case misquote from the ARDC who dismisses out of hand the complaints in the Sykes case (where everyone predicted Mary’s assets would be liquidated primarily for attorney’s fees–they were, she would be put in a nursing home a place she did not want to be–she was, her estate would be drained and then she would be narcotized to death).

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