Stop Court Crimes organization in California reporting rampant corrutpion in San Francisco

Apparently a number of scandals have rocked the San Francisco/Marin Valley court system, and the string of corrupt court decisions has been endless.

It is also reported that Orange County recently underwent a sting operation for traffic ticket fixing.

While everything was blamed on one lone clerk, it is hard to believe that thousands of cases were “fixed” and only one person was involved and knew what was going on.


Probate court is where our mothers and fathers life savings are stolen by lawyers and judges who legally steal the victims homes, life saving and possessions by liquidating them in sales and absorbing them in huge legal fees. Think about this, one lawyer at $350 -$500 an hour can reduce hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few months. Much of those legal bills are for needless legal actions or
time. Its ambulance chasing at…

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