Please, before you cite HIPA as prohibiting something, please actually read the law

I am always amazed when people cite laws that they have never read, or even read any scholarly articles about.  HIPA is one of these. 2,000 pages of gobbledy gook, and all it says is that insurance companies can share information.  Interpreted at its best, that means that the insurance companies can spot fraud easier (I’m not talking fraud by patients, but fraud by doctors and 3rd party service providers). Got that.  But what it was really intended for was to deny people coverage or claims (pre-existing condition), despite the fact that a denial of health care for pre-existing condition is illegal in most states now, the insurance companies do it.  I hear complaints and my husband and I even applied for insurance and they denied him based upon his sleep machine (CPAP), etc.  Nothing major, but here we have a top 10 insurance company denying coverage or making it…

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