Barbara Stone publishes massive attorney fees in her mother’s guardianship case with an open letter to the Fla. Bar President Mr. Coleman

Massive unconscionable fee petitions

From Barbara Stone, probate victim

Subject: Holidays and the end of the hostage siege
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 15:43:42 -0500

Thanks Rosanna for the news below – at long last, the bar association finally decided not to tolerate pilaging.
I am copying Greg Coleman, the Florida Bar president who is aiding and abetting Roy Lustig, an elder predator with a Florida Bar law license to terrorize and loot my mother and attempt her death.  Roy Lustig, a elder predator with a Florida Bar license and his cartel of accomplices walked off with about $175,000 of my mother’s money in the last 2 weeks while holding my mother caged, isolated, drugged and in a locked down facility in a feeding tube.  
My mother is not in any way benefiting from these acts that violate the Americans with Disabilities Act and Federal and Florida Criminal Statutes.
Their looting sessions occurs on a regular basis and my…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Tim Evans, transparency??? No laptops or cell phones, but television in the court rooms?

Now here’s the strangest anomaly of all.  Presiding Judge of Cook County Tim Evans goes from banning cell phones and cameras and laptops and electronic devices (which are NOT banned in federal court, where the most dangerous criminals are, go figure), but he bans them in the local court system claiming that they are dangerous to victims because gang members take pictures of witnesses to harass or intimidate them?  Who knew?  Of course, he says this and bans the electronics without a scintilla of published evidence, just on his say so.

Now he is apparently going to allow cameras in the courtrooms.

I assume, on cases he selects.

It will be a long and cold day before the cases we really want to hear about–Sykes, Janie Thomas, etc. are recorded for the public’s scrutiny.


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From Barbara Stone–stop helping the criminals!

From: Barbara Stone <>
Sent: Dec 20, 2014 3:34 PM
To: Kenneth Ditkowsky <>, Eric Holder <>, Probate Sharks <>, Tim Lahrman <>, “” <>, Nasga Us <>, “J. Ditkowsky” <>, Matt Senator Kirk <>, FBI- <>, Chicago FBI <>, …
Subject: RE: Urgent – Alan’s Health, Welfare and Life

The attorneys and judges involved in these torture tactics are beyond the garden variety of criminals with a Bar license who steal, embezzle, sabotage and create deranged scenarios to assault and freedom and endanger our loved ones and us.

These attorneys are terrorists with a Bar license with are engaged in warfare tactics against our families.  The judges are mobsters.  

I was  terrorized in a hearing yesterday by the judge and attorney and the adult predators who own my mother.  They embezzled her assets in a mock hearing that did not even pretend to be anything other than lawless.  I was told to be silent…

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Inside Bungalow 3 in Ireland. A tragic tale of abuse of special needs children.

In Ireland, undercover agents were sent inside “Bungalow 3” and what they found was appalling.  Special needs children hit, slapped, kicked, punched, confined to small spaces or even a chair for hours on end.  Chemical restraints were used.  Glenda M. and others report their loved ones are chemically restrained, others say their loved ones suffered fractures while in nursing care. (Barbara Stone) and feeding tubes are often implanted as a convenience because the patients eat too slow (Glenda M, Alice Gore).  Feeding tubes become an easy way to kill off the senior when the money is gone (Alice Gore).

Ireland is finally using undercover agents where abuse is indicated, and that should spread to the US.  Apparently some members of the health care field are only on “good behavior” during visiting hours.

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Internet radio show on corruption in health care, tonight 7 pm

Last Friday’s NBC radio show in Los Angeles was derailed due to techncal difficulties. The interview with me will air live today at 7 15 Pacific Time. You can listen live here:
Mainstream has not treated this issue too kindly. I am curious as to how the interview will go. Parenthetically, this will air in the backyard of those who destroyed my mother’s life.
thanks to Janet Phelan

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And yet another $158 million govt article on Medicare Fraud

Services not performed, dementia patients treated with “psychiatric services” they could not understand, services billed for in hospital treatment but the patients were at home all day.

We can’t get to universal health care, Obama or not, your local pharmacist, hospital and in home nursing care rather than a tied in, for profit, corrupt nursing home, unless and until these cases are hard fought and won and send a message to miscreants that mass fraud in health care cannot and will not be tolerated.


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From Atty Barbara Stone — A simple request to the ABA President of the Florida bar–save our seniors!

From: Barbara Stone
Sent: Dec 15, 2014 10:17 PM
To: Douglas Kinan
Cc: “” , FBI- , “” , “” , Adrian Wyllie , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , Carol Holden , “” , Dave Wilson , “” , “” , “” , ISBA Main Discussion Group , “” , Angela Woodhull , “” , “”
Subject: RE: Criminal exploitation and abuse of elderly disabled Florida residents by the Florida Bar attorneys

You know Doug I got an email tonight from a  lady whose mother died from abuse in guardianship.   She was subjected to threats, tyranny and her assets were stripped by a band of guardian thugs.  She was forced to leave the country and go to Ireland.  She wrote me to tell me about a professor in Holland who is awarding a prize to a PhD student…

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Dr. Sam Sugar, esq. writes to Mr. Coleman of the Fla. ABA regarding abusive guardianships

Please see the link here!803&ithint=file%2cdoc&app=Word&authkey=!ABbbc6RGUhkkQ3U

We are getting more recognition for this problem and are headed toward uniform laws that take the greed and profit out of guardianships!

Thank you Dr. Sam Sugar.

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Ken Ditkowsky–an open letter to Jerome Larkin

To:  Jerome Larkin, Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
From:   Ken Ditkowsky
Subject:    Why are you afraid of an HONEST complete and comprehensive Investigation of “elder cleansing?”
Date:  December 14 2014.
Dozens of people have noted that in the ‘star chamber’ proceedings that your and the cadre of miscreants you lead what is missing is specifics facts.    For instance, both Ms. Denison and I have requested specifics as to the charges that you brought, to wit:
1)      You claim certain statements that we made were false.   What are those statements?
2)      You claim certain statements that we made were reckless.   What are those statements?
The Courts have not forced you to reveal that information, but the Court of public opinion is demanding answers.    At some point in time honest judicial officials will also demand the answers.    
In an effort to address the fact of ‘elder cleansing’…

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Yeah, Exceptions to the Review Board of the IARDC, finally done, done, done!

This is just like a Notice of Appeal, so I just have to say what I am appealing.  I have made a detailed listing.

Ken liked it, but he also wanted me to mention that the Alvarez SCOTUS case (fake medals of valor) says that it is not up to a US appellate court or the trier of fact to determine if First Amendment protected statements are in fact true or not because then the US government becomes the arbiter of truth, and who wants that?  When a government becomes the arbiter of truth, that is indeed a scary thought and especially in Illinois where we are in the top 3 of corruption this year, and always in the top 5 year after year, as analyzed by journalists and court records of indictments and convictions of politicians and state and city employees.

Let me know your comments and thoughts…

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