From Ken Ditkowsky–Tim Evans, transparency??? No laptops or cell phones, but television in the court rooms?

Now here’s the strangest anomaly of all.  Presiding Judge of Cook County Tim Evans goes from banning cell phones and cameras and laptops and electronic devices (which are NOT banned in federal court, where the most dangerous criminals are, go figure), but he bans them in the local court system claiming that they are dangerous to victims because gang members take pictures of witnesses to harass or intimidate them?  Who knew?  Of course, he says this and bans the electronics without a scintilla of published evidence, just on his say so.

Now he is apparently going to allow cameras in the courtrooms.

I assume, on cases he selects.

It will be a long and cold day before the cases we really want to hear about–Sykes, Janie Thomas, etc. are recorded for the public’s scrutiny.


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